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Poems on / or about Love
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General Sentiments
Melody of the Kingdom
This Forest
A Golden Future
Things Folks May Need to Hear
On Back Biting

Beyond These Cloudbanks
Love Poem (
Dining Table (((On Relationships & true communication)
Joyless Bird ((On Unrequitted Love)
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Talk to Me...((On Communication)
Beauteous One (Spiritual Mother /Daughter Poem)
The Gift (Spiritual Sister Poem)
Waters (On growth & tests)
Various Spiritual Sentiments
The Un-trod Path
Nurturing Manna's

Hope Offering
A Fish Named "Yellow"
Make No Distinctions
Sara 'ad Wee, Wee Ewe
A Given
(Mature Love)
Grandmother's Kiss (Young Love)
A Bahá'í Marriage
Flawed, but Undying...(On Love & Acceptance)
My Love,
Sisterhood (support during tests)
The Mindful We
Grand Babies
Words and Deeds
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Reborn (Nice for Wedding)
(Grandma's Love)
(Love and Trust)
(Between Genders)
(Wrongful Temptation)
The Great Offering
The Boundless Love
Grains of Sand
The Blessed Sparrows