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Beauteous One

I am with you
and my gaze is locked at once
in mysterious surrender.

Your eyes hold mine
in an engulfing flow of love
nearly too exquisite to endure...
For what is written in the heart
may be known
only between mystic lovers.
Living ink flows
from one to the other
in a silent wind
in which the attar of contentment
and certitude mingle unhindered.

Who is this One
but my true self
that perceives the All of it,
who regards the Wounded Sorrow of it,
the Longing Desert of it,
the overwhelming Joy,
Wisdom and Justice of it?

It is I...
Eye to Eye.

Mother to Mother,
Daughter to Daughter,
Soul to Soul,
Spirit to Spirit.

A Rose to a Rose.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2001

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