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My thirst leads me
to the Fountain
flowing with the Water
of the radiant Friend-

Faces beaming with light,
warm, sparkling eyes
beholding me,
knowing me,
bathing me,
in unconditional acceptance
and exquisite love.

It is not the venue
nor structure of the program
or the arrangement of chairs
or the long sequence
of messages, devotions and prayers
that finds me continually returning there....

It is He Whom
I meet and greet-

in every loving embrace and gesture,
in all of these sensitive and deep
regarding eyes,
in the spiritual rapture of devotional sighs,
in the sweetmeat of simple, joyous, and
contagious laughter,
in the sacred, encouraging,
inebriating wine of life giving words.

It is He
that personally fills
this chalice
to overflowing
from a Fountain
of love and peace-

that I may drink
the Wine of Bounty
freely flowing
at every spiritual "Feast".

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2001
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