A Bahá'í Marriage
As the pristine alpine meadow
bespeaks of the glacial tundra
and gouged fields seemingly
unchanged by time;
So, a millennia of obstacles
deposited in our hearts
seemed rooted forever...
once upon a time.

Hence, we stand
at the mountains' summit
and perceive a mystery
of such magnitude,
of such stillness,
of such purpose
that we speak
only from heart to heart,
soul to soul,
spirit to spirit
and are transformed
by the
Ancient fullness of time.

Oh my beloved,
my dear companion,
my chosen one!
How fortunate for you
and for I.

By this Covenant,
we navigate the breath of spirit,
soar upon the lift of understanding,
synchronize our wings
of consultation
until arcing, then gliding
like the Mountain Swift,
we ascend
in joyous essence
among the snow capped peaks.

Hovering above the glacial field
we apprehend and join a Spring
of inexhaustible Water
wherein our souls
mingle and meet.

Ever-flowing, ever-uniting Water-
elemental and subject to
the same laws,
filling every crevasse.

We arrive
at the mouth of the Ocean
time and water worn,
becoming grains of sand
beneath our own feet.

Listening as waves speak,
absorbing the Sun's heat,
we breath in unison
with the breaking rhythm
of the  Eastern Tide.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2001

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