Nurturing Manna's
I follow the fluttering patterns
of the flitting butterfly
alighting gracefully
among the flower heads
and hitch a ride
upon her joyful, fleeting reverie
to seek out the golden nectar
and delicate morning dew...
How silent and sunlit it is, as
her wings carry me along
a blessed journey amongst
the magic thickets...
transforming my earthbound

Enthralled, I become transfixed
and transformed within the warm caress
of nature's healing -
as an ascending and mystical wanderer,
lifted beyond all sorrow,
as an ageless and ancient
earth angel
barely visible to "for granted" eyes.

Gratefully, I sip the mead-like dew
and drink the rarest wine of simple pleasure
and manifest offerings
as a Manna,
Perceiving the perfume of joy
as an elixir of evanescent Return.

Overtly here and self evident,
for the nurturing of all mankind.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2002

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