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The Gift

Unspoken words swell
at the rim of my cup . . .
anticipating the sacred moment
when finally, the contents overflow
and praise flows forth.

The Witness within me is speechless,
yet cries out with inaudible, tearful joy!

O Manna! O Living Breath! O Sacred River!
O Bottomless, infinite Soul, how I love Thee.
O Eyes of Spirit! Thou art my True Sister.

You come as a Gift
Sent upon prayer.
A Seeker of Souls, You are
the Keeper of Hearts . . .

and when Thou awardest me
with Thy presence,
I hear Thy exquisite poetry
wafting as a Rose

Attar upon Attar.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2001

My poem, "The Gift", expresses my Baha'i love for a dear friend who fled Iran under religious persecution and now resides in the United States, where she may practice the Baha'i Faith freely and without fear.
Many Baha'is in Iran routinely experience the destruction of their homes and lives . Their bank accounts are seized, education and fundamental human rights are denied and many are tortured and put to death.
My friend is an artist and writer whose subject matter often relates to these grave and urgent issues. Over a summer period I was privileged to assist this gentle, loving soul in the translation of her exquisite & heart rending poems into English. During this period I became increasingly aware that one may experience The Divine Poet through the eyes and heart of another.
In essence, see the face of The Beloved , hear His poetry and perceive His fragrance.

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