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The Blessed Sparrows
The blessed sparrows
congregate in the Forsythia
at my back door,
chattering with enthusiasm
and anticipation
as I fill the feeder
with wholesome wild seed.

Cheeky, happy little birds
flutter and prune themselves
daring to fly and perch
within just a few feet
as I silently observe, grinning-
gratefully amused
by their charming and endearing antics.

I noticed, around a week ago,
a single small Black Bird
among them- not like the others,
but seemingly protected and adopted
by the flock.
They huddled around him
and tended to his wide open beak
with seed...feeding him as if a lost fledgling.

As they fly from the feeder
and hop to the Forsythia branches
they surround him, keeping him warmly
in the center of the flock...
chattering and pruning themselves,
they tenderly approach him
with cheerful and gentle songs.

In the beginning he was weak,
but day by day, they have made
the little orphaned Black Bird strong.

Now, he feeds himself
and associates in obvious joy
and friendship,
a permanent member
of the Sparrow flock.

I have witnessed Sparrows
adopt several lone Parakeets
in the same way
over the many years.
And it appears
they are among the most tolerant
and caring of all birds...

Non-prejudicial in their behavior
and outlook,
Cheerfully sending a joyful, pure message
for All who would comprehend,
see and hear.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2002

"In the world of being, the meeting is blessed when the white and colored races meet together with infinite spiritual love and heavenly harmony. When such meetings are established, and the participants associate with each other with perfect love, unity and kindness, the angels of the Kingdom praise them, and the Beauty of Bahá 'u' lláh addresseth them, "Blessed are ye! Blessed are ye! "
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