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My Love,

It's proven and woven
into the very fiber of my being
that I love you
for every wordless moment,
for every silent, knowing
and charismatic smile,
for every passionate caress...
skillfully leading me higher
into the embrace of blissful fire.

Its a given, that I will never tire
of your stunning clear blue eyes
or the startling spontaneity
of your joyful, laughing ways,
nor the warm breath
of your honest, tender lips kissing
my tears and fears away.

Oh, blessed
"Most Great Husband",
You fill my life with growth
and sunny, healing warmth.
You sustain in your steady arms
a true friend and lover
who savors every single day.

Think not that I will disappear,
as year by year we witness
our aging bodies decline-
for we have lived our lives
as a rare and fragrant wine,
the bouquet of our mingling souls
forever entwined.

And when death shall come
upon us, as it will;
let these diamond memories
carry us far beyond
the earth and stars
to join with
the company of angels
who taught us
of who we truly are.

Oh, joy my love.
Oh, such ecstatic joy!

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2002