The Un-trod Path
A thousand whispering leaves
scattering patterned messages
to decipher upon
cold, solid ground...

Then, be quick to understand
and comprehend,
before the sly, playful wind
whisks all traces
that might have been found.

Shhhhh....step lightly,
never be heard.
Train thy beaded moccasins
to walk upon
gather invisible signs
which mingle freely and slither
spinning dream catchers
among the vines...

Follow as a tranquil spirit
the un-trod and lonely path...and open
the Gateway
beyond what thou may hear and see...

'Tis there thou wilt find
ultimate shelter, and
The Great Spirit
laughing and beckoning thee
toward the everlasting embrace
of Peace.

Shhhhhh.....still thy restless heart.

A thousand whispering leaves continually fall.

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2002

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