Mister Spider

Not so rock solid
in my gut-level control
over instinctual
and basic fears,
or so "enlightened"
in my purported love
for creatures great and small,
I was totally "creeped out"
by a little spider
who crawled blackly
across my hand
from within the interior of my keyboard
as I typed away
in innocent and unprepared


Flicking the poor little guy
to the floor, I made a hasty advance
to squish the miserable little intruder
into nothingness, noticing
as I was about to put my heavy foot down,
the absolute bravery
and courage he displayed
as he reared up
on his hairy little legs
in a readied and defensive stance...
staring me completely down!

Seeing him there, all up front
in his right
to eight-legged Being
completely changed my heart.

So for now,
we're never really very far apart-
He's just another part of my computer...

Awwwwww, poor little guy,
I just couldn't do it!

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2001

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