The Peace Carol
Lyrics and Music  by Robert H. Beers
                            3/4 time

G / / 2 / / Am / / 2 / / D7 / / 2 / / G / / 2 / /

The garment of life, be it tattered and torn
D7 G
The cloak of the soldier is weathered and worn
Em Am
But what child is this that was poverty-born
D7 G
The peace of Christmas Day

The branch that bears the bright holly
The dove that rests in yonder tree
The light that burns for all to see
The peace of Christmas Day

Verse 2:

A hope that has slumbered for 2000 years
A promise that silenced a thousand fears
A faith that can hobble an ocean of tears
The peace of Christmas Day

Verse 3:

Add all the grief that people may bear
Total the strife, the troubles and care
Put them in columns,  then leave them all there
The peace of Christmas Day

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