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Item # 6 Title: "Backyard Wonders"

Item # 11 Title: "Colors of Joy"

Item #12 Title: "Nature Spirit"
Item #19 Title: "She Dreamt of Trees"

"As the sun is
to the body of a man
so is the
Sun of Truth
to his soul."


"Let thy soul glow
with the flame
of this undying fire
that burneth in the midmost heart of the world..."

-Bahá 'u' lláh

"...whenever thou shalt long for Me, thou shalt find Me close to thee."

-Bahá 'u' lláh

"Thy paradise is My love,
thy heavenly home, reunion with Me.
Enter therein and tarry not."

-Bahá 'u' lláh

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More Sentiment Cards-A2