Bahá'í Prayer Book
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Bahá'í Prayer Book
The Icon above is the Bahá'í ring stone symbol which is often worn as Bahá'í jewellery. The ringstone symbol was created by 'Abdu'l-Bahá to give the widest meaning and best symmetry to the design. He used the Arabic alphabet, since it is the script in which the Holy Scriptures of the Bahá'í Faith have been revealed for our age by Bahá 'u' lláh - the Great King of Glory.

The symbol has two elements: the design itself and the letters it contains.  As to the design, the three horizontal strokes represent, from the top, the world of God, the Creator; the world of the Manifestation, the Cause or Command; and the world of man, the creation.
  The vertical line is a repeat of the second horizontal line,
the world of the Manifestation, thus joining the world of the Creator to that of His creation.  The two stars represent the human body, as well as the two Manifestations, the Báb and Bahá 'u' lláh, for this day. (The Twin Manifestations)
  As to the letters of the symbol, these are 'b' and 'h'.
'B' stands for the name Bahá (Glory-The Greatest Name)
and 'h' for the name 'Báb (Gate of God).
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